The problem with writing.

I’m at another point in which I’m busy working on things (transcribing a play-text, writing a proposal, revising an article, doing research for a new project, various conference prep, job stuff). A lot of energy goes into actually writing/editing/reading, and by the end of the day I find myself unwilling to spend yet more time writing about things. But I also think it’s difficult to write about projects that are either at their very beginnings or their endings — the former because enough of an idea hasn’t yet materialised to write about in any focused way, the latter because the project has been rewritten and read and edited so many times that one can’t bear to rehash it again without a healthy break.

I find the middle part of projects most exciting — when I’ve gotten things past the preliminary ‘idea’ stage, done some research and am in the process of formulating arguments. At this stage writing about a project is helpful as a way of thinking through and developing ideas alongside things I’m reading.

So I predict I’ll have something to write about in another month or so. For now, it’s just idle thoughts.

Bear with me.

5 January 2015