Today it was gloriously nice outside…

and I thought again how I’d really like a small potted-plant garden of some variety on my balcony. But I never do it because I’m pretty sure I will kill all my plants (or the withering heat will). Also I’d want to have useful plants (like vegetables) and am not really certain you can grow anything but those teeny tomatoes in a pot. I tried an herb garden a few years ago but they all died overnight when it got hot.

Also there’d probably be a lot of lifting and carrying and bending etc involved in the setting-up process and I’m not allowed to do that stuff until my knee is better.

So maybe next year?

16 May 2016


Probably you’re not an adult…

until you actually remember to eat dinner at a decent hour.

I’ve noticed I’m very terrible at taking breaks. I even set timers to remind me to maybe stop obsessing over writing and rewriting things but I just work through my breaks so what even is the point?

No wonder I’m the grumpiest grump by the end of the day. Luckily Cynthia cat usually gets annoyed if I haven’t paid any attention to her by about ten. Which just goes to show my cat is more of a responsible adult than I am.

19 August 2015

I cleaned the fridge today…

and just at the moment that I was wincing at the withered, somewhat liquidy remains of a package of spinach and thinking how repulsive melting spinach is, Lucyfur jumped into the package, intrigued and delighted.

Until she had to have a bath.

Moral: eat your spinach, folks. Or at least compost it in a timely manner. And make sure the cats are well and truly out of the way before cleaning the fridge.

9 December 2014

So this weekend…

I went to convocation, and was anxious in public for a change. And I didn’t know where to stand and I forgot to give my hood to my supervisor and was generally a mess all day. But it was actually fun in places. And now I have a degree. Hanging crookedly on my wall.

It’s weird to have four years of my life sort of ‘summed up’ in one physical object. I feel very odd about it. Like, if I didn’t actually have this papery whatsit hanging on my wall or even in my possession it wouldn’t really change the fact the I did the degree or am ‘qualified’ in some way to teach students and write about four-hundred-year-old plays. I still like having the thing though. I think. I’m not really sure why.

But I sure am doctory now.

25 November 2014



I have fallen behind…

on my whole life. The laundry situation is absolutely getting dire here, my emails are going barely answered, and I am not reading nearly enough articles. (Though I have been vacuuming a lot and eating many vegetables, so some things are going well.)

And obviously I haven’t been writing a lot. I’d make promises for the future, but, you know.

18 November 2014


I went to campus and did various errands and then went to the post office and when I got home I felt as though I’d actually been a proper grown-up for once.

And it was somehow more exciting than the fact that I sent my first real piece of official mail that warranted my doctory title.

And also I forgot until the last moment that it would probably be more professional to use my proper title so I had to write it in the margins of the address box and looked incredibly ridiculous.

I am no good at being professional.

4 November 2014