Two days ago…

CynthiaisaveryverybadcatCynthia managed an approximately six-foot leap across the room from the six-foot bookcases (which the cats are allowed to climb and sleep on) to the row of seven-foot bookcases (on which I hide all the breakable objects and toys which the cats can’t be trusted to play with unsupervised — Lucy likes to eat string and wool a little too much). She, of course, knocked down all the forbidden cat toys and several books and breakables. When she realised she couldn’t get down she sat happily up on the shelves, surveying her kingdom.

My experiences of trying to pull Cynthia down from high places has been 1) she refuses to come down, and 2) I fall off the ladder. Instead I moved a chair beside the bookcases, put Lucy away in her bedroom for a bit — she’s been trying to climb the forbidden shelves for the last few weeks and seeing Cynthia up there would encourage her attempts intolerably — and waited for Cynthia to jump down to the chair. For forty minutes.

She was very happy up there.

30 August 2015


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