I’ve been reading Frances Boothby’s Marcelia (about halfway through right now). The crux of the play is that King Sigismund is  in love with Marcelia but she’s so chaste and loyal that she’ll never leave her lover Lotharicus so her social-climbing cousin Melynet agrees to break the couple up by making it seem like Lotharicus is courting another lady (he gets Lotharicus to court another lady on Melynet’s behalf but has Marcelia overhear the courting out of context).

The whole time I’m reading I can’t stop thinking about how the entire structure of the plot would fall apart if Marcelia and Lotharicus actually talked to each other (like normal humans would do): instead Marcelia follows Melynet’s advice to be angry with Lotharicus and cast him off but not actually tell him why he’s doing so.

I get that this kind of confusion is a common trope of comic confusion and that Melynet is a manipulator and that it’ll all end in happiness and hilarity (probably) but right now it’s annoying me endlessly. Just talk to each other already.

Get it together, Restoration drama.

20 May 2015


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