In the midst of several books.

I seem to be reading a number of biggish things lately: I’m halfway through Albert Baugh’s The History of the English Language, which is interesting, but since I’m reading it over breakfast I tend to be somewhat sleep-addled still and have to keep rereading paragraphs. I’m fascinated by the way the Norman Conquest irrevocably changed English (like, Latin would have had a far lesser influence on the English vocabulary if French hadn’t for a time taken over as the primary language spoken in England).

I’ve also been reading War and Peace for the past three weeks or so. I’m nearly a third of the way through which is simultaneously encouraging (because I can actually see progress when I have the book open) and discouraging (because at nearly 400 pages in and it’s still only two-thirds the way through!). I had an idealistic notion of how reading a book that would take several weeks or months to get through would somehow make winter seem a bit more bearable (because by the time I’m done the days will be noticeably longer). It just makes the season seem to creep along more slowly though.

Other books: I’m nearly done the complete Holmes stories (two left!) and George Elliott Clarke’s Whylah Falls (which is an astounding work that everyone should read). Also, I read All’s Well That Ends Well this week for a chapter I’m writing. But mostly I’m plodding along at the Baugh and Tolstoy.

Plod, plod, plod.

17 January 2015


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