So far…

the weather has been mostly cooperating with my ‘read outside every day’ plan (though to be accurate it’s really ‘read outside every day except your one day off, or when you have to go out in the afternoons on errands’ plan).

I’m not entirely sure why, but I decided that lit theory is the thing I have to read out of doors. I suppose the cold weather keeps me from drowsing. I finished Foucault earlier this week and am now going to work my way with exceeding slowness through the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. I’m trying to reground myself in the canon before narrowing in on a few schools.

One recommends a heavy blanket in addition to full winter garb when reading outdoors -11°C temperatures. But mostly it’s been hovering around zero here, so it hasn’t been so bad.

5 December 2014


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