Of four-legged beasts.

I love my cats but I also harbour dreams of one day living with a dog again. Everything I’ve read suggests that contrary to popular cartoons, cats are more aggressive to other cats than they are to dogs. This tendency has to do with cats being territorial species who see another cats as competition; dogs are potentially threatening if they’re large or aggressive, but are not inherently viewed as competitors for territory.

Today a friend brought her sweet little puppy over to visit and it turns out that none of my cats are particularly aggressive towards dogs. They were all a bit concerned (and Lady Jane hid under furniture the entire visit), but no one growled or hissed or walked around with flattened ears and tummies. Cynthia even unpuffed her tail within a few minutes.

They aren’t thrilled about dogs, but it might ultimately be a lot easier for them to make friends with a dog than with another cat.


30 November 2014

Post script. We will not be getting a dog anytime soon because there’s not enough space around here for that. But some day…


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