Since I’m no longer a grad student…

I also no longer have an on-campus office. While I was never in the habit of working there every day, the knowledge that there was an office in which I could either work or drop my books/laptop off in while working elsewhere on campus, did at least encourage me to leave my apartment sometimes, for work-related (rather than social) reasons.

Also, the cafe near campus used to have free wifi, and now one has to have a local cable account to access it.

So while I occasionally have the urge to go elsewhere to do some reading/typing, there seem to be fewer options of late. The on-campus library is generally overcrowded and noisy during term time, and I feel awkward sitting in a coffee shop for long periods of time without ordering anything: and I also don’t want to start a habit of needing to spend money just to get some reading done.

So lately I’ve been sitting outside, reading (Foucault’s History of Sexuality). And it’s actually quite a nice routine. There’s light and fresh air, and the opportunity to wear scarves. And I can make my own coffee/hot lemon water and take it with me. And I’m reading theory again, which is probably good for my brain.

I’d like to keep this up all winter, as long as it’s not -20°C (sometimes -40 windchill!) all season like last year. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll do.

24 October 2014


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