I have spent a good part of today…

reviewing and editing documents for various academic activities, and tying up loose ends of ongoing work (job applications, grant applications, conferences, etc.). Days like today can occasionally be welcome breaks from work on longer, more open-ended projects (articles and other written work), because they’re things that can be easily handled in an afternoon or so, and in predictable blocks of time (a half hour or an hour). So everything feels very manageable, and it doesn’t really matter if one’s brain is working quickly or slowly. There’s none of the frustration of not being able to articulate an idea clearly.

But I’m also now starting to miss working on something I can dig my hands into a play around with; but then it also occurred to me today that I should actually get down to some serious article publishin’ and book revisin’.

So I guess I’m ready to get back to work.

20 October 2014


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