Post-doctoral life so far…

is a strange continuation/discontinuation of life-in grad school. I think I anticipated some kind of a definitive “break” between life inside grad school and life outside of it — but of course this idea is nonsense. Writing a dissertation is only one part of life in grad school. The other parts — researching, working on publications, conferencing, etc — continue on well past the defense date.

So I’m still copyediting (though that work is mostly done now), helping prep a conference, and working on publications. The two major changes in my life thus far, then, are 1) I’m now learning how to apply for jobs, and 2) I no longer have the sense of always working towards an impending deadline.

The former is a little bit terrifying, but I expect it’s that way for everyone. The latter is a bit of an illusion, since obviously job and grant applications and copyediting all have deadlines, and I could have extended dissertation deadlines if I had really wanted (to pay more tuition…). But the lack of a writing deadline is also proving increasingly attractive, as now I can read and write at slightly more forgiving pace, and there’s the potential to do some solid work now.

I did think I would immediately slip into some sort of rigorous work schedule right away though, and it feels like that hasn’t quite happened; however, it also feels as if defending happened ages ago, and it really hasn’t been that long. And I’m now in the position to set a research/writing schedule for the term, which is quite nice indeed.

13 October 2013


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