What day is it again?

I had grand plans for my life, post-dissertation. Most of them involved restoring my apartment to pre-2014 levels of cleanliness and organisation. And I thought I might pick up my language studies in a serious way again. Also, I have to find a job.

But it turns out that I’m pretty tired. I mean, I was aware I was tired before, but now that the panic of tight deadlines and the anxiety over defending are past I’ve started to feel Very Tired Indeed.

So I know I should impose some of structure on my days: have regular waking-up and bed times, set work hours, a chore schedule, etc. But I find myself constantly revising my expectations about what’s possible in a day. I’m moving much more slowly of late, and my concentration isn’t what it used to be, so things take longer to finish. And there’s something to be said about having the space and time to rest.

Anyway, I’m no longer really sure what the structure of a day should look like. I tend to oscillate between wildly productive and doing nothing for hours on end. That’s okay for a little while, but sooner or later it’s going to get irksome.

In fact it already has.

7 October 2014


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