Two days ago…

fishing goosewe went walking and walking and walking. All up and down the coast line of the Oak Bay area of Victoria. The day was punctuated by birds. Walking through a wooded area near the observatory/offices of the Land Conservancy we heard a massive “thunk” right above our heads and looked up to see a bald eagle taking off (the nice man from the Land Conservancy told us we could track the eagle by the sound of riled-up crows). Those crows really aren’t happy to have eagles flying around their nests.

Climbing down into some tide pools we also found a goose (pictured), fishing for some sort of wildlife. Maybe more of the massive alien sea plants C. and K. were intrepid enough to pick up off the rocks, or maybe the little crabs that seem to scurry under all the rocks (not pictured, but they are quite adorable — for crustaceans.)

cawAt the Ross Bay cemetery we found this charmingly Gothic crow.


‘Ware the gull!

Later, at the hotel, a brazen seagull (also pictured) peered straight at me. He or she was soon joined by an only-slightly-less brazen friend. Last time I was here I learned of the monstrosity of coastal gulls (and lost a peanut butter sandwich during the lesson). That balcony door is staying closed.

Friday was also a day filled with countless happy bounding dogs, wet and muddy from playing in the sea, but as I did not stop to take pictures of any of them, they aren’t included here.

In non-bird news, I read my paper on Marston yesterday, and think it went well enough. I stayed upright and said all the words. Now I’m free to hear other people say smart things and read Paddington in the breaks. I think there’s a quota on how many words one’s brain is willing to hear and make sense of in a single day, though. I may attend fewer sessions than I planned tomorrow, and walk about the harbour and see the museum instead. Any bird-related misadventures shall be related here first.

2 June 2013 ~ Victoria


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