Books acquired.

Another short post before more editing. I’m slowly accumulating books to read here and on the flight home (and afterwards, probably). Yesterday I brought home a collection of Wodehouse stories (what better to read in short intervals between working and walking about?). This morning we drove to Sidney to an area affectionately called “book town” (or so I am told). The name is well deserved: children’s book stores, used books stores, military books stores! Basically, lots of books. Somewhat teary-eyed, I left the five-volume hardbound set of Woolf’s diaries unpurchased (I just can’t see getting them home on the plane), but did find a nice copy of Beatrix Potter’s The Fairy Caravan and a first edition of Peter Ackroyd’s The Lambs of London. And we went to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria this afternoon (David Blackwell and Emily Carr exhibits!): I stumbled upon Kevin Major’s poem Ann and Seamus (illustrated with David Blackwell prints).

My tiny Victoria library is growing. I’ll have to make sure it doesn’t get too big. But I feel a little less adrift now I’ve got books to carry about again.

30 May 2013 ~ Victoria


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