Grad-about misadventures: in search of Caravaggio! And groceries.

Yesterday I heard news of a grocery store downtown, but it was a bit of a walk, and by 6.00 last night I was already tired and hungry. I contented myself with milk (to accompany the breakfast cereal I brought with me), and then ate at a nearby restaurant. It wasn’t a mortal experience, but I was definitely feeling ill last night, and the experience has reinforced my desire to make all my own food rather than provoking any more allergic rebellions. Also, because I was eating by myself they seated me at the wobbly table with bad lighting; I didn’t get much reading done. From here on in, however, I will be making a fuss over where I sit (in that I’ll politely request a nicer table).

Yesterday I was pretty excited to see lots of Parliamentary architecture, and to find myself walking along the Rideau Canal. Unfortunately, such promenading  meant that I was lost. But some nice French garcons (who I recognised from the hotel lobby earlier) helped me find my way home. They also realised quite rapidly that I mainly speak English, and after humouring me for awhile, switched to l’Anglais. I expect they switched back to French as soon as I was out of earshot. (Je suis une dolt.)

Having written for a couple of hours before breakfast, I’m now allowed to go out and muck about in Ottawa. Today is Caravaggio day! (Once the gallery actually opens…)

Bonne chance, moi!

23 August 2011 ~ Ottawa


One thought on “Grad-about misadventures: in search of Caravaggio! And groceries.

  1. Dear Ms. Grad-About. Have you forgotten that I live in Ottawa? It would be nice to see you. I promise it won’t be weird.

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