Maybe I’m not the best person to ask…

about anything right now, really. I solemnly vowed to write another 1000 words of my Alchemist chapter and finish Women Beware Women today, but my head’s all-over-distracted, partly by the excitement of sitting on a train tomorrow, and partly by the glum suspicion that I’m just making a whole lot of stuff up. This chapter is part of a volume mainly intended to instruct undergrads about Jonson’s play, and  the chapter  itself is on teaching The Alchemist. I don’t have to write about the useful pedagogical strategies I’ve developed in previous experiences of teaching the play (oh, good, because I haven’t any of those), but I ‘m responsible for writing about what I think some of the most “teachable” (central? commonly written about? placeable within the context of Jonson’s career?) aspects of the play are. It’s a strange task which mostly involves me imagining what I might lecture about were I actually teaching the play. Supervisor-mum is encouraging about my authority to decide these things, but I mostly feel very very aware of how young I am, academically.[i]

I’d like some confidence for my next  birthday, please.

490 words remaining.

21 August 2011 ~ Hamilton

End Notes

[i] young. Foetus-like, really.


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