Grad-About Adventures: Harriet Irving Library edition.

11.40, Fredericton time.

No misadventures today, I fear. I seem to navigate campuses well. A fact which bodes very well: even if I fail to find a city where I feel entirely comfortable, I feel very much at home in university spaces. Particularly libraries.

I’m completely charmed by UNB’s library. It’s not what one might call “modern” (though it has a beautiful little learning commons with computers, and, of greatest importance, a library cafe where it’s bright and table-populated enough to work comfortably). The stacks, though, simply delight me. They feel (and smell) like thirty or forty years ago. And the study carrels are all lined up along the perimeter next to those old-timey windows which actually open. So one can sit (like I’m doing now) and write while listening to all the finches that seem to have taken over the area. Also, birch trees mixed with old books may be my new favourite smell.

And so, I like it here. Am going to buy a book and read in this little corner carrel on the fourth floor (where the early modern books are, just like at Mac).[i] Adieu, good reader!

29 May 2011 ~ Fredericton

End notes.

[i] just like at Mac. Strangely, HIL’s central elevator also only goes up to the fourth floor.


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