Grad-About Misadventures in Moncton.

3ish, Moncton time.

That’s right, owing to some Troubles with the aeroplane, I am in Moncton! Am surprisingly calm about the whole state of affairs, firstly because there is a bus in four hours to get me to my proper location. Next, because I don’t have anything pressing to do until Sunday. Finally, because I am almost absolutely certain that I could not possibly get lost in this place. Moncton aeroport is something very similar to the one in Hamilton. The information desk is run by volunteers (and the desk itself has little pamphlets of the charming “do you like helping people? Do you love aeroplanes?” kind). The security fellow insisted on calling the bus company himself to make sure there was an actual bus coming that day. People routinely stop their cars and wave one across the street. Moncton seems entirely bent on preserving the East Coast trope.

Also, I get to see lots of New Brunswickian landscape now, which I’m looking forward to because, as I suspect I’ll go on and on about in my next entry, New Brunswick is well pretty.

This space is very different from Victoria, but again, I feel very comfortable here.

27 May 2011 ~ Moncton


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