And repeat.

Term two of coursework started today. I’m doing my best to approach this term without trepidation: I haven’t really had a break since starting grad school two Septembers ago. And it seems commonly understood (by both students and faculty) that PhD coursework year is pretty much a test of patience and, well, just hanging on. But there’s hope now: in three-and-a-half months the course work is over. Forever.

Just hang on.

I submitted my short proposal for my dissertation today. It’s too long (as usual), but my committee likes it, and tells me they’ll support its passing. And our CSRS panel is all submitted. I think this means I only have coursework to focus on (hey, my CSRS paper is based on an assignment from last term, so I don’t even need to write that from start to finish). And TAing. And, if I’m feeling terribly ambitious, cleaning up a paper for journal submission (maybe that can wait until summer…).

But mainly, hanging on.

Silly grad school

10 January 2010 ~ Hamilton

(Also, reading up on Richard Crashaw and An Collins. Drat, I’m slightly excited in spite of the blinding exhaustion.)


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