The grad-about misadventures of Erin: in which our hapless heroine finds her haplessness helpful.

Day 1. 11 AM (1PM, Hamilton time).

Airport attendants have treated me in excessively friendly and helpful manner. Was puzzled at these circumstances until I began to take note of my fellow travellers and presently observed that it is decidely not the custom of fliers to express amazement and delight at every aspect of aeroplane travel. Thoughts such as “Hey, coffee and sandwiches! And comfy chairs! And internet!” are kept all to oneself (not that I had many of these things at Hamilton airport — but Calgary is lovely). The constant need to peer out the window with thoughts such as “It’s like a bus — but in the air!,” or “The clouds! The clouds!” or (whilst flying over prarie provinces) “the giant parquet floor of wheat farms!”: these behaviours do not seem to occur to other passengers, who mostly watch their in-flight movies or sleep (like sensible persons?)

But my tendency to marvel, along with my naive blunderings about, seem to have charmed the airline employees (to whom I am presently most grateful for their kind directions).

In sum, my first lonesome travels across the country are proving successful. And I have found mountains.

Also, I have read over my paper, and think it good.

Overly-excited English grad.

20 October 2010 ~ Calgary

Next Issue: Our heroine arrives in Victoria. Mountain crossing! Shuttle ride! Wandering about with her treasure map to bookstores!


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