Matters which shall be expounded upon in due time.

Or, briefest reflections of the first week back.

My “Genre and Sexuality” course has reminded me of how little I’ve read of 18th-century material. So little that I found it difficult to choose a presentation book that would interest me more than others. Meanwhile, the secondary material/presentation topics seem equally fascinating (so no help narrowing my choice of presentation there). I let the prof decide, and shall soon be reading about Horace Walpole.

My religious studies course on Jewish thought is the sole reason for the increasing reflections on Brechtian drama that will soon infiltrate this archive.

I’m terribly excited to finally taking a grad class in early modern drama (and presenting on The Alchemist)!

It feels strange to not have any presentations or papers due in the next five or six weeks. I’m going to try to use this free time to read and research a lot though; hopefully my final papers will have more thought (and editing!) in them than a consistently busy term usually allows.

And I passed my thesis defense today. So I finally get to start thinking about myself as a real doctoral student now. How very strange.

17 September 2010 ~ Hamilton


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