A new year begins now.

Well, almost now. I received my first reader’s comments today — inasmuch as they’re sitting in my mailbox at school. After I return  from the shelter tomorrow morning, I’ll make a trip to campus to pick them up, and spend the rest of the day getting through as many of the revisions as I can (I hear there aren’t too many, besides some reworking of the introduction). Wednesday we’re starting our editorial assistant training. I spent the evening having dinner with the other early modern grads in the department talking about the early British drama course we’re TAing (yes, I’ve been incredibly spoiled for three years now, getting all my TA assignments in my area of study). It feels like the year’s starting in earnest.

That it’s a new year feel very strange — I haven’t really finished the old year, after all, so in some ways it doesn’t feel as though I’m starting anything. But I do miss going to courses, and working with undergrad students, and working in a busy environment, rather than an ominously silent library/department. (Truthfully I don’t work in those places often, but it’s nice to know I can visit them whenever I feel like interacting with people.) So in some ways, it does feel like I’ve been away from school for a very long time.

Grad school really does play with one’s sense of time.

30 August 2010 ~ Hamilton


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