Erin, M.A.?

Not quite, but I finished editing and proof-reading the latest draft of my thesis, and re-sent it to my supervisor and first reader today. I also updated my bibliography, formatted my thesis according to final submission guidelines (which mostly means altering the margins and pagination so that nothing gets chopped off in the binding process), came up a final title (and a 60-character version of it for the binding spine), and typed up my preliminary material (Table of Contents, Title Page, Descriptive Note, etc.). Tomorrow I’ll re-read one more article (for one final footnote), type up a 300-word abstract and my acknowledgements, and print out a copy — mostly to carry around and gape at, but I also want to check that I have, indeed, formatted everything correctly, and possibly, give one last proof-read.

Pending any major comments from my first reader, I’ll print off three copies and submit later this week.

Then a defense (17 September!)

Then my final corrections, and submission to SGS.



I’m not really certain how that happened. Which is a strange thing to say, given that I’m currently exhausted (and have been for the last few weeks) by the frentic reading-writing-editing-further reading that’s taken up most of my time this summer. I think writing the thesis kept me too busy to properly register the passing of time. Or the fact that in about two weeks I’m starting a doctoral degree, complete with new classes (I finally registered for these today), new students (and I get to give the second-years a lecture on a Jonson play this year!), new conferences (Victoria — paper still to be edited), a new job (Editorial Assistant for our early modern journal), and the book project properly beginning.

Thinking about it right now, I keep expecting something to go wrong. It’s probably just liminal anxiety. In three weeks I’ll be too much in the midst of it to notice that everything’s getting done the way it should. It’ll probably take another four years to register.

23 August 2010 ~ Hamilton


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