Wonderful things.

1. I just wrote 1000 words of my chapter in the last hour. And I now have the skeleton of an argument that is interesting, well-organised, coherent, and which will nicely focus a number of disparate threads from my first and third chapters. I’m writing on Field’s Amends for Ladies and Jonson’s Epicoene. Epicoene gets its share of discussion in the intro chapter, however (and generally any time any critic is writing on transgressive gender practices in early modern comedy), so this chapter allots most of its discussion space to Field’s play.

2. Field’s play is full of dark humour and sharp wit. It satirises a number of Jonsonian comedies (as well as Hamlet, Beaumont’s Knight, and Ford’s ‘Tis Pity. It’s kind of violent. It takes up the problem of transgressive and perverse desires. It’s a fascinating genre study (a tragic comedy, I think), and is highly metatheatrical (as one would expect from a previous boy actor-turned-dramatist for a boy’s company). And yet there’s almost no work on Field. A couple of articles in Notes and Queries from the 1940s, and some mentions here and there in articles about boy companies, or city comedies. Amends doesn’t even have a modenrised edition (I’ve been working from two EEBO facsimiles). So I get to feel like my writing here is new and interesting. It’s engaging me at any rate.

3. I’m enjoying writing this chapter.

4. We submitted our Chester review for publication today.

5. I have friends who remind me to eat sometimes.

30 June 2010 ~ Hamilton


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