Birthday, cats, birthday cats.

The last few weeks have been, to be  succinct,  terrible. Perhaps that’s hyperbolically succinct: there have been some not-too-terrible moments (hearing about funding, hurrah!). But the overall impression of the last month has been nothing astoundingly pleasant.

Indeed, I packed up and went to Niagara for the week. Which was delightful, as it meant I was able to spend a few days with some friends I’ve missed endlessly. And I adopted a new feline flatmate:

After one evening, I’ve learned the following about Cynthia: she “miaow”s an awful lot when she plays on her own; the rest of the time she makes a strange trilling noise as she meanders around the apartment. The woman from the shelter described her as “needy,” which seems an abbreviation for “any time I cease moving she’s on my feet or in my lap, trilling away.” She possesses a terrifyingly swift capacity for adjusting to new environs.

Also, she’s not Celia. She possesses distinctively different mannerisms, about which I’m pleased. Cynthia is, so far, an endearing and charming cat. But she’s not a “replacement” cat (which I didn’t want).  She’s pretty good company nonetheless.

And while on the subject of good company, B. made me an ingenuous Thai pizza for birthday dinner today. So this week was one of good company all through. Which is, after all, not a bad way to spend a day, or to start a year.

Did I mention I’m still pretty brilliant?

15 May 2010 ~ Hamilton

(She’s Cynthia from Cynthia’s Revels, by the way. In keeping with my theme of Jonsonian-nominated cats.)


2 thoughts on “Birthday, cats, birthday cats.

  1. I’m glad that you had a good birthday, and that another cat’s found her way into your life. Whenever we’ve lost a cat (and I’m so incredibly sorry about Celia) we’ve always felt the need to get a new one very soon…like you say, not as a replacement, but because of what an animal brings to your life.
    And our cats were named after Daisy Miller, Katherine the Shrew, and a Harlequin (the clown, not the books). So I get that, too.

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