The nice thing about living amongst other grad students…

is that most of them own cats.  So when I spent much of this week feeling awful about Celia’s death, and then feeling ridiculous about feeling so awful, nearly everyone in my department reassured me that “she wasn’t ‘just a cat’ — she was your cat.” One of my friends also reminded me that Celia was my “Master’s cat,” and quite possibly the body with which I spent the most time, particularly during late night/early morning “I really hate this paper” papers and thesis proposal revisions.

Grad school, among other things, can be turbulent and lonely. Animals can ease this somewhat.

I don’t want to be too melancholic. I’m reading an interesting book for my thesis (Dolan’s Marriage and Violence), and had some very good news concerning funding this week (which is, that I’m all funded for my Ph.D.). I also have some very amazing friends who make me laugh, even last Tuesday morning. Still, I miss my little editor cat.

9 May 2010 ~ Hamilton


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