I submitted…

my last paper for my “Writing the Book Before 1800” class. Which means I’m done with course work for the term. Which also means, given that I’m writing a thesis and am relieved of spring and summer term coursework, that I’ve completed all of the coursework component of my MA degree.

Again: terrifying.

I also ran a two-hour review for my Shakespeare class, which means, given that I’ve already updated my grading, I’m done with my TA work for the year as well (excepting a voluntary exam grading session next week).

Which all finally means I’m returning to a life of unstructured days and weeks of reading, reading, reading, and occasionally writing. (The biggest of all hurrahs!)

I’m currently reading Calbi’s Approximate Bodies, Beaumont and Fletcher’s Knight of the Burning Pestle, and Chapman, Marston, and Jonson’s Eastward Ho!, for the third chapter of my thesis (I’m writing them out of order, owing to the order of conferences I’m going to this year; I’ll go back and write chapter two following). I’ll also be taking some time to sort through the criticism on Jonson’s Alchemist, the preliminary work for a prospective long[ish]-term project (and also useful for editing and restructuring my ACCUTE paper).

I’m also still considering which book will replace Anna Kerinina as non-required reading. Possibly the Iliad

And of course, I’m also plotting cooking projects (S and I are planning some sort of elaborate co-birthday scheme, and food will probably be involved; B. and I are also considering ways of making a lemon torte, sans lemon), returning to work on my Latin (since I enjoyed the “Writing the Book” project — which saw me translating rudimentary Latin poetry about Thos. Bodley — immensely), and constructing the Bodleian library out of books (as I promised my class I would).

Oh, spring/summer term: you delight me.

23 April 2010 ~ Hamilton


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