Things going write.

(Yes, bad wordplay.)

I managed to finish my archive paper, which means my food allergy project is officially done. I have some misgivings about writing about Agamben’s Remnants of Auschwitz, de Certeau’s Practice of Everyday Life, Levinasian ethics, and a couple of months I spent cooking with friends (and then blogging about it), all in the same paper, but I think it ultimately works. I’m mostly arguing that cooking nurtures affective and ethical relationships with both institutional and individual bodies in a way that counters the dehumanising potential of organising institutions (and Auschwitz was indeed the product of such an institution). It’s among the most optimistic papers I’ve written, but I don’t think it’s naively so. We’ll see.

Finishing my archive paper means I’m 2500 words away from completing the coursework component of my MA degree (which is a little astounding to think about, comparing how long it seemed to take to get that first degree; this year passed with terrifying swiftness).

My supervisor sent me comments on my first draft of my first chapter which, admittedly needs restructuring, and footnotes, and a couple of paragraphs that give actual chapter outlines rather than vague generalisations (and I admitted these facts profusely as I submitted the chapter). By I hear my ideas are workable, and some level of itneresting/enjoyable, so I feel much better about this draft than I have in weeks past (the guilt of making someone read an incomplete and badly-written bit of writing has eased somewhat).

I may not drop out of grad school after all.

19 April 2010 ~ Hamilton


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