I’ve slept 14 hours…

of the last 88 (the time between waking up on Sunday and now). This is an insane ratio, and the product mostly of the work required to complete my archive project (in presentable form) for the colloquium we held today (transit back from Montreal on Sunday was also a contributing factor). I was relieved that I managed to complete most of the archival work itself (the mapping, cooking, journal reflections, and theoretical research) throughout the term. Compiling my archival data into a presentable form (a cooking blog, accompanied by a presentation) took an astounding amount of time, and wouldn’t have been remotely possible if I hadn’t already done this earlier work. I’ve also been taken up with the planning, organising, and cooking of the food for the colloquium (which also would not have been remotely possible if I’d been doing all the cooking on my own — I had an amazing amount of help from an amazing amount of people).

I’m exhausted, physically and mentally. And also vaguely fascinated by the awareness that though I’ve been constantly thinking, and physically surrounded by, food for the last three days, I’ve been almost too tired to shop or cook for myself, or to contemplate cleaning up my own kitchen. My presentation today focussed on the positive affect my project produced (and there’s lots of positive affect, including the work at the colloquium today), but the negative affect — the threat of feeling fairly consumed by my own project — is something I’m also trying to sort through.

Once I finish the paper for the course, and re-structure the blog presentation, I’ll make it publically accessible. I do want to continue the project (at a lower level of intensity), but until I think through how I want to structure it operation in future, I’ll withhold the url.

For now, sleep, and the beginning of the re-composition of my mind.

15 April 2010 ~ Hamilton


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