Update (or, things about which I am currently anxious).

1] The archive colloquium is next Wednesday. Which means I find myself needing to finish putting together the archive itself (a cookbook, you may recall), write a presentation on the project (there shall be much culling from this here archive), and finishing reading the theory I’m using in the project (food and archive-related).  Also, finish putting together the food for the colloquium itself. I suppose a career in cooking/catering wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but it’s a wee bit stressful while one is finishing MA course work.

2] I go to Montreal this Thursday. Which means flying for the first time (though it’s only an hour flight), delivering a conference paper at an actual conference for the first time (though I’ve been assured the audience will be small), and finishing much of the work for the colloquium while in Montreal (grumble).

3] Final Shakespeare papers come in this week for grading.

4] 1-3 suggest I shall have to put aside both thesis work and my paper on Thos. Bodley for the next week and a half. I’ll miss them, I will.

I did, however, get to take the Lady Taya for a forty-minute this afternoon. And this evening I taught my 20-month-old nephew how to say “Ben Jonson” ( at dinner he put it together with another word to form a phrase that sounded suspiciously like “dumb Ben”: I’ll ignore this fact for the moment). The following week is going to be hectic, but at least it started off alright.

5 April 2010 ~ St Catharines


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