Conflicting feelings.

1. I’ve been accepted into every PhD program to which I applied (Hurrah! I’m smart!)

2. I spent the better part of the week trying to make sense of Derrida for a ten-minute presentation (not smart, not smart at all).

I’ve experienced the highs and lows of the “feeling smart” spectrum this week. Say it with me:

Silly grad school.

11 March 2010 ~ Hamilton


4 thoughts on “Conflicting feelings.

  1. I spent several hours working on a presentation yesterday and I have very little to show for it. So I understand your frustration.

    Congrats on all of your hard work though. You must be excited and pleased with the results. Later.

  2. A fair point. Though most grad students have the emotional maturity of four year olds, so I say, “eat up!” [I really do walk around the department saying that. Really.]

    And the presentation ultimately went well, it just took days of rewriting the thing. So you’ll get through yours. It’s all about rewriting until you no longer want to throw your computer at the wall.

    • Oh yes, and it doesn’t escape me that walking around the department shouting ridiculous phrases probably includes me in the “emotional maturity of a four-year-old” category. But I don’t eat sugary cereals, because mummy says they’re bad for me.

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