I have been working…

on my thesis proposal revisions for some time now. It’s been frustrating trying to clearly articulate everything I’m going to write in an 80-page paper in four pages (double spaced!). At some point I found myself with six single-spaced pages, in which I was outlining the arguments for each of my chapters in detail, feeling very uncomfortable asserting things that really needed much more in the way of explaining qualifiers, and more developed logical connections to show how I arrived at conclusions that, because I haven’t yet had the time to research and think through properly, I didn’t feel particularly confident concluding.

At the end of it all, Jesse sat down and marked up two thirds of the document, inserting brief marginal commentary with the repeated direction: “cut.” I did. It hurt. The general aims of the project are now much clearer, and I have a four page document that looks like a proposal.

I talleyed the hours I spent on these revisions (not including reading a number of plays that would act as substitutes for the plays on which I originally thought I would write). It’s an embarrassing number, really, for four pages of revisions.

On the whole, though, I’m still glad to be back reading early modern drama.

Tomorrow: finishing my CSRS proposal on Beaumont’s Knight of the Burning Pestle, submitting my MA proposal, and getting finishing my PhD plan of study revisions.

10 January 2010 ~ Hamilton


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