Lovely coinciding.

I finished my last term paper of first term today on Pre-Raphaelite and picturesque art in Lady Audley’s Secret. I worked on this paper far too long, but it did remind me how much I love nineteenth century visual art culture. And I got to use a lot of the knowledge I picked up in my art history classes from my undergrad. all that knowledge is coming together in a satisfying way.

Winter term starts tomorrow for undergrads. (It started today, actually, but I didn’t have to be there for any reason today, so really, it starts tomorrow. Solipsist? Quite.) I feel in the mood to work: finally dates and attitudes are coinciding. My Ph.D. packages are almost put together, and I’ve got my reading list for my thesis underway.

All is well. Finally.

4 January 2010 ~ Hamilton

[I found my tilde key! Hurrah!]


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