Twenty minutes ago…

I submitted my term paper on the Ovidian influences on of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. I’m pretty sure it demonstrates some good, localised research on the topic, but am still unconfident about whether it all comes together in a way that makes sense. I’m also a bit unsure about the specificity of the terms of the debate (though I footnoted my use of terms obsessively).

I’ve been working on this thing pretty much exclusively since last Monday — this is in addition to the research, and reading, and writing put into the proposal and outline(s). And it still feels just “alright.”

Silly grad school.

14 December 2009 ~ Hamilton


4 thoughts on “Twenty minutes ago…

  1. I figured as much. I realised while I was looking at my tiny books that I’m actually rather fond of my big books too. For different reasons, of course. I’ll have to write about them later.

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