Things (an update).

For those who have been inquiring recently, here’s the record of the (somewhat mundane) events of my existence in the last week (or so).

Things Read:

This morning I took advantage of the first weekend I’ve had in the past two months where I don’t have anything to submit assignments or present in seminar in the coming week in order to catch up on readings, both required and non.  In the latter category is John Marston’s Antonio and Mellida and Antonio’s Revenge. Marston is, to be reductive, quite a lot of fun to read (particularly Antonio’s Revenge, one of the most amusing tragedies I’ve read recently).  Also on the non-required reading list is Gaimain’s American Gods (yes, still), and Chandler’s The Big Sleep (addictive, and the cause of many a missed bus stop in the last week).

On the required reading list are Lady Audley’s Secret which will be, I think, the most engaging text in my Gothic novel course (Braddon reminds me somewhat of Woolf in her ability to satirise by deploying perfectly all the elements of the genre).  On the whole, however, I think I’ll never be overly fond of 19th century literature: I’m presently reading Carmilla, and finding the narrator’s disavowal of her (queer) desire very tedious (unlike Marston’s characters who revel in their sexuality).

Things Bought:

A non-encompassing list, but I feel I should mention the .25 spring I purchased for Celia on the advice of the clerk at the pet store.  It may be the most productive .25 I’ve spent, as it truly and confoundingly does keep Celia entertained for hours at a time, leaving me free to write or read, without tiny paws batting at my hands every time I type or turn a page.

I’m also pleased to announce that Niagara grapes have finally made their way north into Hamilton groceries.  I picked up a carton of Cab. Franc. grapes this afternoon, and while they aren’t quite the same as when purchased from the farms (something about the packaging and storage flattens them a bit), they are reminiscent of home (now if someone could just procure for me some local concord grapes I’d be content).

I’ve also recently purchased soy cheese that almost tastes like actual mozzarella, and a ticket to a tedious movie that we left part  of the way through, opting to spend our time more productively reading over coffee.

Things cooked:

Yes, I’ve also managed to stave off starvation another week.  The two more involved meals cooked this week were pizza (which, if it was any good, was so mostly owing to the sauce made with raspberry honey and cayenne), and cauliflower soup (this soup, it turns out, has more flavour when made with soy milk — and thank you, vegan Jesse, for helping me discover this knowledge).  I’ve also figured out the best way to make sugar-free hot chocolate (which includes fresh melted chocolate and that same raspberry honey — perhaps I should have included that ingredient in the “things bought” category).

Things written:

Not enough.  Comments on last week’s Shakespeare essays (for my students), the notes to my presentation on romance and epic in Spenser and Ariosto, and the script to my presentation on art and history in Lady Audley’s Secret (of which I printed out the wrong copy). And this post. I think I need to get more reading done so that I can write something beyond a list.  I suppose we shall see how this plan works out in the next week.

26 October 2009 ~ Hamilton


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