Walking up Main Street today…

felt entirely normal, and for the first time in a month, I’m not feeling entirely displaced.  I think the increasing feeling of comfort is rooted in a few events today:  I finally received my grant money (and thus have reassurance that I will have the means to maintain this glamourous grad student lifestyle), I managed to make it to the bank and the grocery without getting lost or nearly run over, and I submitted (draft one of ) my thesis proposal (and thus have reassurance that I am in fact working on a real grad project — it even has chapter outlines!).  I can finally settle into my regular reading/research/paper writing schedule instead of worrying about submitting forms correctly.

I do miss a few aspects of St. Catharines: the city smells far more noticeably of trees rather than of steel (and tar — a contribution of the on-going construction on King and Main Streets).  I miss autumn visits to farm territory to collect fresh fruit outside a farmer’s market (I will miss the spring farm visits as well).  I miss the days when ordering books through interlibrary loan meant remembering my student number rather than a 14-digit library barcode.  I miss a various assortment of people.

Balancing these absences, however, I’ve discovered that Hamilton has a free art gallery (for university students at least), a very good (and inexpensive) choral group, and a more fully-stocked library (my thesis supervisor today explained that ten years ago the early modern faction in the department was more sizeable, and ensured the acquisition of the large number of books and journals in this area).

I also have a kitten:

I have been reading _The Faerie Queen_ when I should have tried eating it. (Celia generally finds books delicious.)I approve.Like mother, like daughter.6 October 2009 ~ Hamilton


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