This is not St. Catharines.

I’m mostly unpacked, and feel fairly at home in my apartment.  Seeing my possessions in a new context is throwing me a bit.  Inside, everything’s pretty familiar (standardized kitchen-bathroom-light switch set up helps with this familiarity).  The daily routine falters when I attempt to read downtown, or at the library, however, and I’m forced to admit I have no idea how to get to most places (also, unlike St. Catharines , I can walk down the street without running into everyone I know: a bit alienating, that).

No more mindless walking downtown for awhile.  Tourguide Jesse and I are going to read on Locke Street today, though, and then to the new library (!); hopefully I’ll orient myself soon.

It’s a bit quiet here, with no dog, or kitten mob.  Hero and Leander are enjoying having room to run though (without fears of becoming prey).  They seem to enjoy cell phone disco music (as at least two persons have predicted, I spent about an hour last night playing with the cell phone I didn’t want to own).

Shelving books tonight. Family visit tomorrow.  School Tuesday (which means less writing about moving, and more writing about things I’m reading again).

6 September 2009 ~ Hamilton


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