Hang toasts!

From The Dutch Courtesan:

A husband generally is a careless, domineering thing that grows like coral, which as long as it is under water is soft and tender, but as soon as it has got his branch above the waves is presently hard, stiff, not to be bowed but burst; so when your husband is a suitor and under choice, Lord how supple he is, how obsequious, how at your service , sweet lady!  Once married, got up his head above, a stiff, crooked, knobby, inflexible, tyrannous creature he grows; then they turn like water, more you would embrace, the less you hold. (3.1.69-78)

Subtle, John Marston.

I want to write on this play next year.  Because it’s generically interesting, of course.

18 May 2009 ~ St. Catharines

Works Cited.

Marston, John.  The Dutch Courtesan. Ed. M. L. Wine. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1965.


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