A description of the nature of four-footed beasts.

The Brasilians have their Cotias of the bignesse, shape, and taste of the Hare; yellowish, little eared, and almost no tail.  There is a greater kind called Pacæ, round mouthed, Cat-faced, dusk with white spots; tender of flesh and skin also; therefore sought after as a dainty.

~Joannes, Jonstonus.  A description of the nature of four-footed beasts: with their figures engraven in brass (1678).

I own and operate a fairly decent archive at The Blotted Line.  Between the puppet shows, art collections, and book architecture, it’s also something of a Wunderkammer.  Now that I’ve acquired two new four-footed beasts, I can expand my operations to include a (narrowly focused) bestiary.

Guinea-pigs made it back to London by the 16th century (though they’re mostly from Peru, not Brazil), so I feel  justified including Hero and Leander regularly here.  (It’s a weak justification: mostly I think the pair are funny.)

Soon I’ll return to commenting on literature.  For now, enjoy the antics of my four-footed beasts (at left).

6 May 2009 ~ St. Catharines


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