Meet the ladies.

hero-and-leanderAs we were driving to pick up my new little roommates, Gaurav and I mused over female literary pairs we could use as namesakes.  We considered Regan and Goneril, Olivia and Viola.  Gaurav, though, came up with Hero and Leander.  I’m not certain how serious a suggestion this was, but I like the absurdity of naming my same-gender guinea pigs after Musaeus/Marlowe’s tragic lovers.  (Marlowe’s Leander is fairly feminine anyways, and guinea pigs always look androgynous.)

Thus far the pair are living up to their namesakes.  Hero pretends to be demure — though I catch sight of her tail(less) end scurrying away every time I enter the room.  Leander is bolder, sampling everything in her home (her little nose rises almost vertically in the air every few minutes).

The Hellespont is rather distant, so I’m not expecting the pair will live out their tragic fate.  I’m keeping an eye on them, though.

3 May 2009 ~ St. Catharines


4 thoughts on “Meet the ladies.

  1. I’m pleased I’m not alone in my gender-bending nominations. Incidentally, Gaurav often refers to Hero and Leander both as “he”s and as “Ladies.”

    I may have some very confused guinea pigs.

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