Бен Джонсон.

Earlier tonight I stumbled upon this site offering a collection of biographies and works from a number of poets, in Russian.

It’s pleasant to see the early modern poets occupy a healthy portion of the list (including most of the cavaliers).  I find Jonson’s page an odd representation of him though.  The poem selections are his not-so-referenced  “Karolin’s Song” from his incomplete The Sad Shepherd, and “The Hour-Glass” from Underwoods. The biography is equally odd, listing his translation of Horace’s “Art of Poetry” and a masque that “Queen Anne played in,” (“играет королева Анна”: The Masque of Blackness, by the 1905 date), but none of his public plays.

Marlowe might fare worse than Ben:

Christopher Marlowe, 1564 -1593:  Translated Ovid, wrote poems, tragedies (“Dido”, “Doctor Faustus”, “Massacre of Paris “). Influenced Ben Jonson and Shakespeare. He was deported from the Netherlands as a counterfeiter, and killed in a tavern brawl.

It’s bit of an understatement for the man who wrote Tamburlaine.  Poor Kit.

2 May 2009 ~ St. Catharines


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