is what I’ve entered in the “device name” slot on my new little technological parasite . I can’t accurately call it an “mp3 player,” although it’s been marketed as such.

I spent about forty minutes with Mosca after I first opened it: setting the clock, programming events in the calendar, setting the alarm (to a favourite song, of course), setting the radio presets (there are thirty-two available slots), uploading and selecting themes, wallpapers and photos (it seems wallet snapshots are obsolete by now). Forty minutes, and I hadn’t even looked at the music (primary) functions: a parasite indeed.

Five years ago, I had an mp3 player that was about the size of a cd (almost obsolete), that could hold between forty and fifty songs; Mosca is about seven centimetres, and currently contains 441 tracks (including all of Shostakovich), as well as several pictures of Taya. I appreciate the space — and the usefulness of being able to store documents as well as music files (perhaps not entirely a parasite after all) — yet I’m trying not to grow too attached to a device that possesses a lifespan akin to the average hamster.

Pity I gave it a name.

28 January 2009 ~ St. Catharines


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