Leonard Cohen’s beautiful translation…

of Lorca’s “Little Viennese Waltz” seems an appropriate musical selection for this time of year. Not only do the images of winter and death provide harmonious accompaniment for the past few days of continuous snow and wind [i], but the nostalgic/melancholy mood of the poem, with its longing to return to old Vienna, and its invocation of childhood and past love also nicely coincides with the nostalgia one encounters around the holidays. I’ve been listening to it over the last week[ii], and feeling fairly festive.

It’s a lot better than Jingle Bells…

End Notes:

[i] snow and wind. Most of which has been spent indoors with a mopey golden retriever, a book, and coffee. The latter of which also fits in with the Viennese theme.

[ii] listening to it. A recording from Cohen’s current UK tour. He has considerable presence for a man of 74. I’m also envious of “albertnoonan”‘s seat.

21 December 2008 ~ St. Catharines


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