It’s here…

After a cold, wet summer, I suppose it’s no surprise to find winter already knocking at the door: though it would be more accurate to report that winter is rudely grappling with the doorman while shouting drunken challenges at a knock-kneed autumn. It’s going to be that kind of season.

Thanks to Kari’s contagious crochet obsession I’ll survive. I suppose she is useful after all.

Except I spent the whole evening making this scarf[i] instead of reading Haraway. Thanks a lot, Kari.

End Notes:

[i] this scarf. Which is made of four yarns taken together; 10 rows of 100 chains, all double crocheted. Tassels added afterwards. Modeled by the reluctant Taya.

25 October 2008 ~ St. Catharines


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