Sorry little bits of poetry.

I’m submitting poetry for this week’s “Writing the Environment” assignment. The first is a rondeau in response to the recent cut to arts funding, and the PM’s explanation that the arts is a “niche issue” [i]. The second poem is an epigram/acrostic which, I don’t think, needs any contextual explanation.

Be wary. I never claimed these were any good.


I owe everything, everything to you.

Hail German art! In this sign will we conquer!

(Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm II to Richard Wagner, 1868 )

2004, Toronto:

A. Egoyan cuts through the crowd:

premier-loving students, endowed

SunLife donors: nestled Bodies,

We perch. Sur-titles and sub-Bodies:

baroque Bodies militant. Loud

trom– Bones blasting, bones breaking, and bowed

ten-or-some hundred-sixty thousand

in Germany alone: Bodies.

“…the role of Mime will be played…” (c.1945)

Esoteric Atom, that proud

Armenian guy, cuts the crowd:

Nice-niche Gala-vanting Body:

our perching bowing broken body:

enco-ring enco-ring allowed:

“tenor Schlosser to play Mime, Bayreuth, 1876.” [ii]


Boy actors’ bodies birth Butler’s loose lewd

Epicoenes; dis/simulating humours feud.

News circulates: the poet-god Exeunts.

End Notes:

[i] “niche issue.” Yes, exactly, if we understand that a “niche” considers how an organism relates to its larger environment.

[ii] 1876. Sadly, WP will not allow me to preserve the spacing of the poem (which reflects the structure of the “organism” of the poem expanding out of its conventional form).

5 October 2008 ~ St. Catharines


2 thoughts on “Sorry little bits of poetry.

  1. The only thing your poems should be sorry for is being so good. My ire over the issue has yet to wane, especially when I think back on the debate and how Harper basically plans to keep art in the realm of the privileged. Too much angry.

    The WordPress spacing issue can be circumvented if you cut & paste from another document. Honestly, the amount of auto-formatting this site does irks me beyond compare.

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