Es tu miserable?

I must figure out how to connect my scanner. Translations for the squares are as follows:

[3] “Marcel, you are miserable! What’s wrong?”

[4] “I can’t find and ending for my book…and they are out of madelines.” [I wanted this to say “I can’t find an ending for my book, it just goes on and on…&c.” but there wasn’t room.]

[5] The text here is the first stanza of “Ruin” in Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs de Mal [ Flowers of Evil]. It reads:

Incessantly a restive devil frets

And chafes my flesh, impalpable as air;

I swallow and he fills my burning breast

With subtle and insatiable desire.

[6] “I’m Balzac”

[10] “What are you doing, Victor?”

[11] “Research!”

Back to work with me.

Works Cited:

Baudelaire, Charles. The Complete Poems. Transl. Walter Martin. Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2006.

08 August 2008


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