114 pages, nothing but Ben.

Alright, there’s some Thomas and Will in there as well. Robert Burton and John Marston also make appearances. I’ve even managed to work in some Virginia Woolf.

I write all this in a casual tone, because I know I still have a number of articles to read, and (I’ve been promised) lots and lots of editing: including some gaping logical holes in my introduction. Then there’s the defense presentation to prepare, and I definitely need a new title; however,

the writing



I’m so exhausted, I’m not even going to footnote this one.

10 July 2008 ~ St. Catharines


6 thoughts on “114 pages, nothing but Ben.

  1. Congratulations, dear. It’s all smooth sailing from here. Treat yourself to your favourite sins (sloth is mine, ’cause it’s easy).

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