My dearest archive,

I must confess, I am a little shocked at your recent carelessness of my affexion. All last week, as I lay upon my sick bed, tossing feverishly as the ill are wont, I wondered urgently at your long departure. The doctors and nurses have even recounted to me that at the more desperate times, as I succumbed to the waking dreams that are the not infrequent customs of the febrile and the mad, I cried out to you. Alas that such cries were fruitless! No messenger arrived to alert me of your near visit; no telegraph was sent with even the smallest Barthes witticism to cheer me.

I cannot conceal from you how this experience has shaken my faith in the bond between us. Why, I ask of you, have you grown so very austere and distant towards me of late? Are you such a scoundral to trifle with my sensibilities? Or was my trust in you too precipitously (and, I must add, foolishly) placed?

I wish you to know that this missive has cost me many hours of moral affliction: though I do not wish to play the hysterical woman, I must know the reasons for your absence during my most dire moments. I must know the truth of your affexions for me.

Not quite yours in recovery,

The English Undergraduate.

Post scriptum. Enclosed is a clipping from the Illustrated London News concerning the recent assassination attempt on our beloved Queen. I trust you will understand my full meaning in sending it to you at this time.

31 May 1882


2 thoughts on “My dearest archive,

  1. On behalf of the English Undergraduate, we would like to remark that the previous article is, of course, merely a jest. It is not, of course, 1882, and our protagonist did not encounter a nearly-fatal illness of late. Just a very inconvenient one. She would like to add, moreover, that she is recovering nicely from her multiple infexions of the ear, and will return to her non-material archiving in the near future.

  2. Glad you’re posting again. For my part, I keep coming here in the hope that, one day, I’m going to read the post that unlocks Jonson for me and makes me love him like you do. Next week, when I’m vacationing, I’ve set myself The Alchemist and Sejanus. Who knows?

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