“In this best of all possible worlds…”

people like Stephen McCrainie write comics like this one.

Know why it’s funny? It’s not only that the words “Shakespeare” and “ninja” appear in the same strip. Nor that the young lad is intelligent and pretentious beyond his years. It’s that Voltaire* is the light, uplifting read in comparison.

I wish I had been a child like this one…

End Notes:

7 May 2008

Glossary of Terms:

Voltaire n. nom. (François-Marie Arouet). 17th-century French philosophe who was practically better than JJ Rousseau in every way. With emphasis on the “practical.” Voltaire used his amazing powers of lawyering to reinstate the lands of the wrongfully-accused Calas family. His Candide (published 1759) includes death by hanging, rape, death by earthquake, cannibalism, death by auto da fe, siphilis, death by war, and other atrocities.


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